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Dr. Classen has 12+ years of experience working in the physical therapy field and 20+ years in personal training. She graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from UMASS, MA. She tutors medical students to improve their knowledge of health, wellness, and physical therapy. Her hobbies include running, singing, and spending time with her family, friends, and her dogs and bird.


Will has 15+ years of experience of physical therapy and 8+ years managing a successful outpatient clinic in the Boston & Texas area. He graduated from Mount Washington College, NH with a Physical Therapy degree. Prior to PT, he invested in his health by researching nutrition and becoming a personal trainer. He enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and playing bass.

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Allison has 4+ years of experience in the physical therapy field. She graduated from PIMA college in Texas with a Physical Therapy degree. Allison has a passion for fitness and working with patients in the rehab setting to make them feel their best and work towards achieving their therapy goals. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors in her garden and flower bed, spending time with her family, and working out.

Kristen Ferguson, THERAPIST


Kristen graduated from Wharton County Junior College in 2020 with an associates degree as a PTA. She is enjoys performing manual techniques and progressing you through therapy. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, and spending time with her amazing family.



Leah has been practicing physical therapy for 12+ years. She received her Associates as a Physical Therapist Assistant from San Jacinto College. She also received a Bachelors in Nutrition Science from University of Houston and is currently working towards her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She has experience in a wide array of disciplines including sports medicine, functional training and was a manager for an aquatic facility for 2 years. Leah believes that caring for each patient on a personal level and as an individual is key to quality therapy. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering for her church, spending time with family (including her crazy puppies) and being outdoors in the garden and being active.

Sarah Morante, THERAPIST


Sarah has 4 years of experience working as a physical therapist assistant and 12 years as a personal trainer.  After graduating from the University of Houston, she developed an interest in rehabilitation, so she went back to school to pursue physical therapy.  It was then that she found her true passion by helping individuals restore mobility, strength, and other functional deficits needed to live a better quality of life. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and friends, working out, and traveling. 

Jerica Williams,  THERAPIST


Dr. Williams is a patient centered Physical Therapist focusing on improving the quality of life for those who she serves. Her passion is to improve the overall experience to deliver health and wellness as a patient centered caregiver. As a Physical Therapist, she aligns treatments to restore and improve the overall mobility to her patients. In addition, her community outreach has provided value and substantial benefits to various charitable organizations throughout the profession and the region.

Kyra Fulgham, THERAPIST


Kyra graduated from Houston Community College in 2021 with her associates as a PTA. She  is a patient centered therapist who is passionate about improving strength and mobility in her patients to restore their highest potential function. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband (and dogs), singing with her church, and spending time outdoors. 

Vaidehi Borgaonkar, THERAPIST


Vaidehi is our newest technician to the team.


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Elijah Rivera, TECHNICIAN

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Nicholas Sullivan, TECHNICIAN


Amany is our PT Technician who has 5 years of experience with patients as a former nursing student and chiropractic assistance. I graduated with a bachelors of science in psychology. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. I enjoy spending time with family, working out, painting, drawing, and ceramics.

Elijah is one of our outstanding technicians. After several injuries and years of physical therapy, it only seemed right to pursue a future in physical therapy. My goal is to learn as much as I can to help others learn as much as they can to operate their bodies to the greatest potential possible, and keep myself from injuries, hopefully. In my free time I enjoy working out, creating art or playing music.

Nicholas has 2 years of physical therapy technician experience. Previously he worked for Bay State Physical Therapy in MA. He is currently finishing his pastry chef degree December 2022. Nick enjoys being outside, seeing friends, and hanging with his 3 dogs. Nick runs his own business of Classen's Classic Cakes.

Kalie Classen, TECHNICIAN


Kalie is an experienced technician having worked per diem seasonally for 2 years. She is a educator normally throughout the year and loves working in her local church with community youth.


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Amazing Ellis.

Joshua Davies, TECHNICIAN

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Josh is our newest technician to the team.

Erika Bassham, 


Erika is our lead patient service representative and has been working here for a year. She loves engaging with patients and brightening their day. Customer service is one of her passions. Erika enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, the beach and sunshine. She considers herself a foodie and likes trying new restaurants. She is soon to be a wife and can't wait for the next chapter of her life.

Carrie Mills, PSR & MARKETING


Carrie is our patient service representative and marketing specialist. She was raised in East Texas and lives in Katy with her husband Rick and their 5 children. She enjoys baking, running, working out and mostly enjoys spending time with her family and friends!  She has been in customer service as that is her specialty. Her passion for helping others is evident in her kindness, discernment and beautiful smile. Her idea of success is helping make those around her successful. Working for 1st Classen Physical Therapy for the past 7mths has allowed me to use my gifts and talents.

Kissa Zehra, PSR

Kissa-Head Shot.JPG

Kissa has been an amazing addition to our patient service representative team. She is a hard worker, good with customers, and loves to laugh. Kissa goes out of her way to help people and we truly enjoy having her as part of our team. 

Christina Rivera Johnson, PSR


Christina is our newest member to the PSR team.

Pharryn Bambico,


Pharryn is our social media manager and photographer. She was raised in north east Texas and now resides in Cypress with her husband Brandon and their 2 kiddos. Pharryn enjoys anything spontaneous and all things that are bright and fun. Pharryn started blogging and managing her own brand back in 2018. Her desire for connecting others and creating meaningful digital content brought her to now managing 1st Classen PT’s social channels.

Soraya Garza, PAR Specialist

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Soraya is the muscle behind the auths & benefits department. 

Ashlyn Taylor,  THERAPIST

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Welcome to the team!

Kristen Classen, THERAPIST

William Classen, THERAPIST

Allison Bivins, THERAPIST

Christina Rivera Johnson, PSR

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