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Dry Needling is a physical therapy technique use to release trigger points, increase blood flow, and relax the affected muscle. This is done by inserting sterile dry monofilament needles near or within a trigger point— an irritated tender area in the muscle.

Neck Therapy

who can benefit

Those who can benefit from dry needling are experiencing the following: 

  • Feelings of tightness/ soreness in the muscles.

  • Limited range of motion in affected area. 

  • Tension 

  • Low blood flow/ circulation in affected area.

  • Scarring Reduction

  • Fascial Release

  • Guarding Muscles

  • Weak Muscles

  • Ligament & Muscle Injuries

Conditions we treat

  • Head to toe pain 

  • Muscle Strains

  • Ligament Sprains

  • Post Op Scarring Restrictions

  • Myofascial Issues

  • Orthopedic Restrictions

  • Neuromuscular Conditions

How we Treat

We start by inserting sterile one time use monofilament needles to the affected area. Each needle stays in the designated area any time between 10 seconds to 20 minutes depending on the treatment effect desired. In some cases needles and electrical stimulation are used for nerve stimulating, reduction of pain, muscle growth, and neuromuscular connection.

For more information check out our Dry needling blog here

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