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Pelvic Floor therapy

Pelvic Floor Therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that addresses weakened or tensed muscles in the pelvic floor region with internal, external, and manual techniques.  

who can benefit

Women can benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy if they are experiencing any of the below:

  • pain when excreting matter like urine or feces (chronic constipation)

  • leakage (incontinence)

  • pelvic pain (any pain in the pelvic region including pain in or around the genitals) 

  • pre & post partum pains

  • pain with sexual intimacy (dyspareunia)

  • feelings of having to urgently use the restroom (urine or fecal urgency)

Conditions we treat

We treat for Pelvic Prolapse a condition where organs in the pelvic region drop to a lower position because of weakened muscles and ligaments in the Pelvic Floor. In addition to this we also treat for pre and post partum pains, vaginismus,  incontinence, chronic constipation, dyspareunia, urine and fecal urgency, and any pelvic pain.

How we Treat

We use a variety of internal (female only), external, and manual techniques and tools that aim to relax and strengthen the muscles and joints of the pelvic floor. Our techniques being tissue recovery and repair, fascial release with movement, proprioceptive nueromuscular facilitation, hip mobilization and stretching, SIJ alignment, scar break down, core strengthening, pelvic control, muscle energy balance, pelvic floor awareness, dilation, and sensation training. Our tools being the use of Kegel weights, pelvic wands, and dry needling. 

For more information check out our WOmens Pelvic Floor blog here.

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