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After you book an appointment with us your 1st visit will consist of these three steps.

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Check in 

Arrive 10-15 mins early, unless 9am or 2pm appointment and then we ask you to arrive 5 minutes beforehand as we are opening for the day or arriving back from lunch (1pm-2pm office closed).


Introduce yourself to the front desk for check in. They will go through the benefits of your appointment, take copies of your ID and insurance card for the system, take any payments, and let the therapist know you have arrived.


Your first appointment will be an evaluation with our doctors and specialists in functional movement. They will assess your limitations, take measurements, and create a customized plan of care for you including a home exercise program "HEP". 

Future Appointments 

 After your evaluation is complete, the therapist let's the front desk know how many visits and weeks to schedule, the patient will let the front desk know their preferences for scheduling, and the front desk will email your schedule and HEP. 


**Appointments must be changed minimum 24 hrs prior to appt. to avoid cancellation fees.


What to Expect

After checking in you will meet with one of our clinic doctors to start your initial evaluation. You will be asked about your medical history and details about the injury or pain you are experiencing. The doctor will perform a physical exam and answer any questions you may have. Evaluations can take up to 50-60 minutes. You will receive a diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, home exercise plan, and plan of care at the end of the evaluation. 

What to Bring

Make sure to bring these items as they apply to you:

  • Identification Card 

  • Insurance Card

  • Referral from your doctor 

  • Medication List

  • MRI

  • X-rays


What to wear

Physical therapy consists of just that— being physical! For this reason be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This could be athletic wear, loose-fitting clothes, athletic shoes, and socks. Please do not wear jeans if you are being seen for back or lower body treatments. 

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