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We are with you every step of the way on your road to recovery.


Come for a 50-60 minute evaluation for functional assessment and injuries.


Once the therapist issues a program, complete all exercises/stretches slow, controlled, and pain free. If anything hurts, do not go into so much range of motion or slow down. If it still hurts then stop and tell the therapist at the next visit.


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Exercise trainers will go through stretches and exercises with you directed from the therapist to increase range, strength, balance, and neuromuscular gains. The therapist will spend time working on the tissue, joints, and limitations specific to your condition.


The patient will return to review all measurements taken from eval and compare to what you have gained since then. A comparison will be explained to the patient seeing how they have improved. Sometimes patients are directed to continue HEP or return to gym & sports. At the end of your last appointment you will sound our discharge bell to celebrate your recovery!


We combine manual techniques with posture, body mechanics, activities, exercise, balance, neuromuscular facilitation and more to improve your condition. Many therapists use these words differently and technique is important.


We offer experience with Instrument Assisted Manual including cupping and weighted tools for trigger pointing, muscle release, fascial mobilization, joint mobilization and reducing increased tissue density. We are currently certified in Dry Needling. 


Combining and analyzing your progression we adjust each visit as needed, in order to help you continue to make gains. When you get better, we get word of mouth and we believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. We don't keep you at therapy longer than you need. 

Once you discharge, we give you the option to return for one free 15-30 min consultation/session for any aches or acute pains that might come up.

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