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Effective Hygiene Habits for the Whole Family

With the rise of the coronavirus and flu season, we need to be diligent about our hygiene routines. Here are the most effective hygiene habits:

1. Wash your hands

Use enough soap to get a thin lather over the skin, and wash for 20-30 seconds. If you sing "Happy Birthday" twice you will have washed your hands long enough to reduce bacteria, dirt, and other substances. When washing your hands, make sure that you scrub under your fingernails, where dirt and germs can easily hide. Some social media influencers have even posted videos of themselves using paint to show how you should wash your hands and get full coverage. Overall, hand washing is the first line of defense in reducing the spread of harmful germs.

2. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

In order to properly protect from saliva spraying into the air, cover your mouth with a tissue, elbow, or your shirt. This can help slowing the spread of germs. Many people now will take their mask off to sneeze or cough as they do not want to sneeze into the mask. Make sure though that you cover your face if you are going to cough or sneeze outside of the mask. Slow the spread of germs.

3. Get some sleep

It is proven that sleep resets the body and releases toxins. Doctors recommend getting

7-9 hours of sleep a night. With the proper amount of sleep, your body will be able to

fight off viruses, infections, or any other ailments.


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